Eyelid Surgery

Posted On 2021-04-20 13:54:43

The eyelids protect the eyes and therefore vision. Diseases altering the eyelid structure or function threaten sight as well as cosmesis. An updated comprehensive understanding of eyelid anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostics, and therapeutics is fundamental to a patient’s physical and psychological well-being. Eyelid diseases are involved in multiple pathological conditions. In this special series of Annals of Eye Science, the distinguished authors provide an update on the prognosis and treatment of eyelid diseases due to tumor, orbital fracture, congenital ptosis, and prosthetic eyes, among others, and introduce three-dimensional (3D) anthropometry to evaluate the periocular morphology pre- and postoperatively.

Progress in eyelid diseases and surgery
Ludwig M. Heindl, Vladimir Kratky, Ming Lin

Review Article
Periocular basal cell carcinoma—current treatment concepts
Yongwei Guo, Alexander C. Rokohl, Adam Kopecky, Ludwig M. Heindl

Eyelid malposition after orbital fracture surgery
Yue Xing, Yongwei Guo, Xia Ding, Jin Li, Ming Lin

Treatment of congenital ptosis
Vladimir Kratky

Socket discomfort in anophthalmic patients—reasons and therapy options
Alexander C. Rokohl, Marc Trester, Yongwei Guo, Adam Kopecky, Ming Lin, Vladimir Kratky, Ludwig M. Heindl

Three-dimensional anthropometry in periorbital region
Yongwei Guo, Alexander C. Rokohl, Ming Lin, Ludwig M. Heindl

Bioengineered dermal substitutes for periocular defects
Adam Kopecký, Jan Němčanský, Vladimir Kratky, Alexander C. Rokohl, Ludwig M. Heindl

Ocular surface and tear film changes after eyelid surgery
Wanlin Fan, Alexander C. Rokohl, Yongwei Guo, Ludwig M. Heindl

Targeted therapy for malignant ocular melanomas
Rahul Arvo Jonas, Alexander C. Rokohl, Ludwig M. Heindl

The series “Eyelid Surgery” was commissioned by the editorial office, Annals of Eye Science without any sponsorship or funding. Ludwig M. Heindl, Ming Lin and Vladimir Kratky are serving as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.