Chinese ophthalmic school education: present and future

Posted On 2019-09-29 08:40:01

The Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center (ZOC), established by Professor Yaozhen Chen (Eugene Chan) and Professor Wenshu Mao (Winifred Mao) in October 1965, has enjoyed worldwide fame due the good performance and professional skills of the faculty. The past 55 years have witnessed huge successes for the ZOC from one generation to another, including individuals such as Prof. Shaozhen Li, Prof. Jiaqi Chen, Prof. Jian Ge, Prof. Minbin Yu and Prof. Yizhi Liu, etc. The Center was the first 3-A-Class ophthalmic hospital in China, the only State Key Laboratory for Ophthalmology in China and was ranked first for nine consecutive years in the ophthalmology category for the Specialized Department List for Chinese Hospitals. At present, it has become a “Whampoa military academy” training center for Chinese ophthalmologists, and numerous ophthalmologists are proud of being born in “ZOC”.

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